Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Nani Cortez

Pray for more survivors

After the press, the bureau-cracy and Congress, the inte-lligence community is listed next as one of the power blocks in Washington DC Capitol, CIA or FBI and for that matter, maintain dossiers of you name who whatever position he or she may hold in the govern-ment and its safe to conclude each department maintain moles or plants in each any branches.
Intelligence reports (IR) especially those that involve national security are sacred, well-protected from leakage otherwise it will lead to national scandal worthy of a probe for its sanctity was with utmost importance and carefully pre-served for survival of the state. Nobody was clever enough to disclose even if it lose its essence of interest which is an exact opposite of what’s ha-ppening in our country.
The most fatal flaw the intelligence community suffers in the Philippines is the leak of their intelligence reports reach-ing camera-hungry cabinet secretaries who can’t withstand the lures of media interviews and in the process divulge every details to the press. IR’s are classified documents inten-ded for the sole eyes of its recipients usually the National Security Adviser or for the highest office of the country, i.e., the presidency.
Many times in the past, IRs were discussed before the media, the most recent was OPLAN SHACKLE as divulge by Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales by way of media interview exposing to details the alleged impending coup d’ etat against GMA administra-tion. Maybe out of malice, his overexcitement over the docu-ment posts a danger sign. This endangers the lives of the men in the intelligence community. It will give a bad precedence, would scare the nation and hurt the economy as the peso plunges the next day he bared it publicly.
Nobody can’t tell if the good secretary was telling the truth or had mixed some distortions on the IR but just the same it had already affected us econo-mically ‘cause his office com-mands respect that deserves consideration. Actually, he had many more exploits like impli-cating Ms. Susan Roces to a seige based in conversation he overheard at a telephone cross-line. Next time Mr. Secretary, the least you can do is to gather enough evidence and charge the culprits in court.
Nakuryente si DILG Usec. Marius Corpuz. He announced the US contingent had found 50 survivors in Guinsaugon Ele-mentary School buried under 30 meters of mud at St. Bernard when in fact, what was actually felt was a sign of life.
I for one wouldn’t mind being on the same situation with Usec. Corpuz. I’m optimistic there’s still a hundred, two hundred or even more alive on the buried school buildings or any vacuum He created in there for His miracle will give food and blanket the meantime every life is still there and His spirit will deliver air and hope for them.


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