Thursday, March 02, 2006


Lolitz Estrellado
Nature's way

Love is nothing but the purest folly and people go there for the purpose of being impassioned, half crazy. In matters of the heart, the world will always be generous and forgiving.
Whom do you prefer, a person who finds everything amusing and takes nothing seriously, or a person who finds nothing amusing and takes everything seriously?
Take your pick on Love Day. Sometimes we people should unwind, have sometime for ourselves and enjoy our blessings the way we suffer our burdens.
Napupuna po ba ninyo? Everyday, we come across reports about hundreds and thousands and hundreds of thousands of people dying from accident, calamities, terrorism and plain stupidity, almost in all parts of the world.
May nagsabi po sa NUTCRACKER na it’s but nature’s way. CHECK & BALANCE KUNO.
Every second, every minute, may ipinapanganak. Just imagine if nobody would die, the world would be like a balloon bursting in the air! So, whether we like it or not, there should be deaths. That’s just nature and we know what kind of trouble we get into ignoring nature.
Now, ten days after Black Saturday, everything seemed to have changed a lot.
Parang biglang nagkaroon ng hostile atmosphere sa buong paligid.
According to a senior executive of ABS-CBN, the network has complied with all the requirements before staging the first anniversary celebration of Wowowee; that the outside premises of the ULTRA was not ABS-CBN’s responsibility but for the Pasig City Police, for the crowd control.
Then an official of the DoJ suddenly claimed the findings of the inter-agency Task Force that investigated the stampede which killed 74 persons and injured 600 others HAVE PRACTICALLY NO (?) LEGAL VALUE! It can’t shore up eventual criminal suits against those responsible.
Then State Prosecutor Jovencito Zuño tossed the report to the NBI to gather evidence! The report, according to him were merely narrations or KWENTO.
The most or the highest case that can be filed against those responsible is "Reckless imprudence and gross negligence leading to homicide" which causes a penalty of 4 years to 2 months and the civil liability is only P50,000.00
Your NUTCRACKER believes the responsibility and liability of ABS-CBN is this: CAPITALIZATION and EXPLOITATION of the poor’s POVERTY to ACHIEVE A CERTAIN LEVEL OF THEIR DESIRED RATING.
But is there such a legal case?
Sa itinakbo ng promo ng Wowowee before the celebration, higit na nabigyan ng diin o emphasis ang daang libo at milyong papremyo sa raffle or sa games at never ang purely entertainment. And this is the very reason why so many people, from as far as Mindoro, Catbalogan and others raced to the venue.
They came there for the money, and not for anything else.
The ULTRA can accommodate only 17,000 but 30,000 came. When the people behind the show saw the huge crowd outside, ipinasara na nila ang gate where the stampede happened after giving away only 100 tickets. Then they made an announcement, "Doon sa mga nasa labas, kukuha sila ng 40 na bibigyan ng tig-P5,000.00. Kaya nag-unahan na, nagtulakan, nagtapakan, nagkagulo, nawalan ng "poise and dignity". Everything went beyond control. Konsuwelo de bobo after all the sacrifices?
PERA ang ipinain nila para makaakit ng maraming manonood.
The logic is this: Kapag malaking pera ang nakalatag, maraming manonood. Kapag maraming nanonood, mataas ang rating. Kapag mataas ang rating, papasukin ng mga advertisers, natural MALAKI KITA. In fact, mas malaki ang kita kaysa sa ipinamimigay na premyo.
They maybe giving hundred of thousands to the poor on the show, but they are also making tens of millions in the process.
Someone told me, "Mainit pa ang isyu ukol sa ULTRA stampede habang bago pa ang pangyayari, only 10 days old. Wait till one month, at unti-unti na itong huhupa, malilimutan hanggang sa tuluyang mabura. It will die a natural death. And then a new event would happen to occupy the front pages of both national dailies and local tabloids.
Ganyan lang ang buhay. Pag-uusapan habang bago pa. Kapag naluma na at natabunan ng bago, WALA NA, LIMOT NA.
Pero sana lang, huwag nang insultuhin ang mga biktimang namatay at nasugatan by saying it was plain stupidity that drove them there.
Tandaan natin na kapag kumakalam ang sikmura ng tao, hindi na siya nakakapag-isip nang tama. Lumilipad sa binatna palabas ng bahay ang moralidad, dignidad, respeto sa sarili at sa kapwa.
It was a tragedy alright. Pero ano naman kaya ang pwedeng mairesolba sa labis na kahirapan sa bansa? Ilang dekada na ba, daang taon na, pero walang konkretong aksyon ang gobyerno to address genuinely the problem on poverty.
It is the (REAL) tragedy behind the ULTRA stampede.
What exactly is a lie? The truth is a pretty slippery thing. Is there any word ever one hundred percent honest?
If you pray and your prayer is not answered, don’t fret. God answers all prayers, sometime we just have to wait. Even the devil has his day off.



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